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 13 Quantum (QLFA) Activations to Accelerate your Evolution.

These Transmissions of Energy Alchemy, work on a subtle level, assist you to develop your personal growth. Working at a deep core level, they help to release old patterning, strengthen your awareness of Self, balance your heart & mind and activate a higher conscious awareness of your  potential. Your intuition increases and you connect to a higher frequency of Light, Love and Truth.

These Teachings have had a beautiful influence on my life and I highly recommend you delve into the wealth of information available on these websites.
They are first-person teachings of Divine Love and Divine Truth - Open your hearts and minds to the video sessions with Jesus and Mary
on the Divine Truth Channel: and to their website:

Everything I offer on this website and all that I do, is my gift to you, free of any cost! If you feel to support me, go to the  Donations Page

A warm Welcome! My aim is to Guide and Support You to Be Your True Authentic Self! Everything I offer on this website and all that I do, is my gift to you, free of any cost!


Personal Coaching, Signature Programs and Retreats

This follows the 29 days to 'Become' program.It  gracefully activates a genuine recollection and experience of yourself as an unlimited, eternal being. This alchemy revives a sense of the truth....           29 days or weeks

This follows the 33 days to  'Awaken' program. It supports you to enhance, refine and master your personal energy field. You heighten the awareness of your soul essence, connect more fully to Source and your Self....       29 days or weeks

Do you wish to know:         Who am I?
Why am I here?
What is my purpose?
Are you ready to:
Put your needs and desires first. To feel more at peace. To love your true joyful Self....

 33 days or weeks

Healinto wholeness. This program is designed for those of you with health issues, by delving into the original cause, creating a supportive foundation and renewing your health & balance....                     13 weeks

These deep heart & soul reflection and coaching sessions help you to see your personal truth more clearly and move through the infinite layers of understanding the potential of your authentic Self......


Worldwide Retreats,  Sacred Sites and Natural Wonders
Journeys  to Inspire and Empower your Heart and Soul; Awaken your Dreams and Desires, feeling Free to be your True Self.....

Release, balance and strengthen your energy field. You clear old patterns, accelerate your evolution, increasing your clarity & focus. You become more centered & awaken hidden skills....... 4 weeks

Connect to my You Tube Channel:
A simple and powerful book, plus meditation, written by a close friend, who has passed to the spirit.

​"Alicia is a natural alchemist and queen of transformation! Her work is a gift to individuals and our planet. Her beautiful starry energy is infectious and a wonder to experience as she weaves love, light, magic and joy into everything. Her presence is a catalyst for healing & change, and like a butterfly between realms she opens you to a new found freedom of heart and a more real, loving experience of yourself. The authentic, fluid, spontaneous and intuitively guided nature of Alicia’s work is inspiring. She will take you on a magic carpet ride through states of consciousness and you'll return gifted with more of your true self.  She gives 100%,  has total respect for you, unconditionally and whole-heartedly. Her care, attention and support is rare and exceptional."
Aine Belton (

"Alicia's workshop is one of the most powerful and transformational workshops that I have been to in 20 years.  One of the most important factors in spiritual awakening is to find one other person who can recognize your true divine essence and  then awaken the divine essence of who you really are.  Alicia is that person.  She is a  rare gift of grace and spiritual understanding. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity of being in her workshop"
Barbara Taylor (Healer & 'Priestess')

"Thank you, Alicia, for creating a safe, loving, sacred environment for me to dive deep into my Soul to remember who I Am.  Your journeys have transformed my Being on so many levels.  The feeling of lightness in and around my body is such a wonderful feeling of peace and purpose!  Thank you for your extraordinary compassion! Alicia creates such loving and sacred journeys that truly honor the Soul. During her journeys your Soul will become more aligned and connected with the Divine on profound levels.  It is one of the most transformational experiences!"
Char Jung (Healer, Soul Coach)

"Alicia is a remarkable and compassionate Soul Coach. She creates a safe and nurturing environment for discovering your soul’s truth. People are inspired just by being around you! I believe in you! YOU ARE MAGICAL IN ABSOLUTELY EVERY WAY!!"
Denise Linn

(world renowned writer and teacher. Founder of  'Soul Coaching' TM)

"An empowering and exhilarating workshop. I felt freedom as I was released from the shackles of the past and gained insight into my own potential. Alicia is here to help us; her fellow Lightworkers."      
Tanya Cade (Channel/Healer)

"I have never felt more alive, more connected, powerful and blessed  than after this wonderful retreat. I feel a big transformation is taking place.....
Sophia Merle Maartensson  (Therapist/Healer)

"My time with Alicia is always transformational and heart opening. She has a gift of seeing beyond the surface to encourage, engage, and invoke you to see the sacred all around you"
Gail Condrick ( Nia Teacher/Coach)

Awaken your Sense of Wonder & View this World as a Magical Playground!

You are a divine soul with a deep connection to our original creator. You are unique!

Your heart & soul embody everything that you are; all that you've absorbed from your parents, every experience of life and each aspect of your individual self. Our soul contains the true divine self, a painful self and the masked self, each with many specific fragments.

I am an evolutionary soul coach, transformational teacher, energy alchemist and truth-sayer. To walk my talk and support your journey, I continuously delve and develop my own conscious awareness, living from the inside out and the outside in.

As you release and heal the hurt parts of yourself and remove masks of hidden fear, you feel free to express the real you. You become more consciously aware of miracles flowing, you awaken, align and activate your individual purpose and desires, being more willing to live passionately and trust your unique journey of life.

As you develop and expand from within, in conjunction with acknowledging your outer realities, you create a life, aligned with your true essence. Clarity, humility and simplicity bring a greater sense of peace; you feel free, inspired, empowered and live your life with more compassion, kindness and JOY!

Together we can tend and cultivate your creativity, clear blocks, transform experiences and discover the innate feelings and benevolence that is awaiting your pure presence and essential essence.